No for Monsanto… Already another Start

GMO’s are bad for many reasons. It’s Genetic engineering by far can harm humans and nature. When it comes to food on your plate, you may want to consider where its from and how its made beyond the label. Labels are not telling us the whole truth on everthing we consume.

Unfortunalty, three new biotech crops currently have been approved by the Obama administration over the past month. The three GMO crops include Monsanto’s Roundup Ready alfalfa, GMO sugar beets, and let the U.S. Department of Agriculture use GMO industrial corn for ethenal. This Harshly affects organic farmers and consumers who choose to buy organic foods.

Monsanto basically own America’s food supply. Monsanto puts money before people and has been violating the rights of farmers who want to grow thier own organic crops. People who dont approve  GMO’s don’t get to have a say if Monsanto keeps taking over.


lucubration: to study in a candle lit area.

doppleganger: a ghostly double of a person.


Please Read This Link And Sign!

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Reasons for Recycling Glass

Recycling glass makes a good impact on our enviroment. Glass is a great ideal for decorating and tupperware becuase of the low chemical interaction. Since it takes many life times to break down glass in the landfill, it makes much more sense to recycle it.

Think before you throw it away, dont throw away glass because you feel too lazy put it in the recycle bin.  Recycling glass also only takes a couple easy step. All it takes is putting it into your recycling bin and put it on the edge of your drive way.  Most recycling prgrams accept glass but if not just take them to a collection center. When it is recycled it can be put up on a shelf again in about a month. Glass is made out of the natural resources limestone and sand.  To save energy from creating glass and using these resources unsparingly, just recycle.

Vocabulary: catoninetails- used as a punishment in the navy which consists of nine cords knotted together.

francium- to be radioactive

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New found fossil…

I came across an article about a fossil on Science News. It is a rare type of type called, a splay footed cricket (or known as Schizodactylus.) The splay foot cricket is was named after its paddle like feet which help them not sink into sandy habitat.

The splay foot cricket was found in northeastern Brazil. Researchers have found it in a limestone. They discoverd that it was about 100 million years old. The researchers also know that these cricket are related to a type that is currently in south Asia.  When the fossil is compared to the ones that are in south Asia, you can see the species has changed over time. This is what makes it most rare.

It is determined by other studies that during the Early Cretaceous Period, the enviroment has changed. The enviroment or the species changing both can be possible. 


dolorous: To express pain or sorrow.

lackadaisical: Being very determined.

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Why did the Elephant Cross the Road?

Over the past few years, people in Kenya have been starting a project. The project was building a tunnel for elephants to go through the hills of Mount Kenya. People would have to look out for elephants crossing their road. The road was keeping humans and elephants unseperated.They have made it because they found that the elephants were becoming a “danger” around others because of their tusks. Unfortunatley, pochers have killed over thirty elephants in the past few months. For this not to happen, people need to stay out of the way. Elephants don’t need to become extinct. Building this passway keeps the elephants going in the right direction, to get to their land without being in the danger of humans. Putting money into this project was worth it becuase it worked. The elephants are attracted to enter by the hay, and bright stalks and wheat. Susie weeks said “The first time we had a report about an elephant going under the underpass it was very exciting. We didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.” The passway for the elephants turned out to be a success.


pestilence: A rapidly spread disease.

wane: To become smaller

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So we all have probabley heard of lucid dreaming before. If you are not sure what lucid dreaming is, it’s when you are aware if your dreaming. In other words, During lucid dreaming, your brain is consciousley aware, while your sleeping.

It sounds cool to make decisions in your dreams. I don’t know if i can recall having this happen to me though it most likely has at least a few times in my life. From the article I read, I got out that you have to train your self to lucid dream.

I never even heard of an “advanced lucid dreamer” until i read this. I’m not going to agree with everything that Freud says, but the part where our dreams irrupt from are conscious mind has to obviously some what true. Tips that I read were to pay attention to your subconscious mind, (That is where dreams are from in the first place.) and think the kind of thoughts that you want to be in your dream. People usually do have dreams of what they are thinking about, but I’m not sure if they get a choice when they are sleeping.


higgle- To feel jumbled or confused.

ranshackle- To fall apart.

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Fairtrade not Free for Coffee (or anything)

Coffee is consumed massively in America. It’s estimated that Americans all together drink about fifty million pounds each year. Next to oil, coffee is the largest product commodity.(Ezra Feiser and Quetzal Tenango) There are offers of fair trade here in the world and forunately it is increasing. Shouldn’t everything be fair trade? Fair trade means that whoever made a products is paid under a fair wage under safe conditions. Small farmer families who grow coffee (or along other produce) need to make enough money to support their family. There does need to be more steps beyond fair trade such as more a better economy and higher education opportunites, but first fair trade is going to help support them. Fair trade does make a differnce for the people. It is good that starbucks finally is going to double the purchase of fair trade coffee. The options of work to find in third world countries is limited, but the products we get here in America are mostly from these third world countries and they deserve to be paid fairly. Profits mostly seem to be put before people. Corporations see that if they have to pay more money, they will want to buy less. They see that it’s easier to buy more coffee for a cheaper unfair price to server more people. When its bought for the lower price farmers aren’t paid enough. People need to work together and go more towards fair trade and against free trade.


1. meager: deficient in quanity.

2. lucrative: to be profitable.,9171,1926007-2,00.html

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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