Paper Books versus Electric Books

Books have been around way longer than the electronic books. However, there are pros and cons to both of them. Everyone holds their own personal opinion and morals on which they prefer. The major difference between the two materials is the way we feel when we hold on to them.

There are many pros on holding an actual book. There are also some cons, but the cons are not very big issues. Holding a real paper book in your hand may seem a bit more personal. Paper books give a different experience with the texture and some illustrations perhaps.

If electric books take over, how long are libraries and book stores going to exist? Many people enjoy going to the library and owning actual books from book stores. If e-books took over, we will not be able to buy them or go to the library anymore. The existence of libraries is important because they carry so much information and have such a peaceful atmosphere.  Getting a book from the library is free but buying one is a little more expensive. If owning the book is important to you that shouldn’t matter. A downside to a book is that you need light but you also do with most electric book devices.  Another con of books is that they don’t need to be charged.

There are also pros and cons on electric books. The electric books are small and easy to travel with.  It is also cheaper to buy a book on the electric book. If you are a person who loves gadgets, an electric book might be for you.  It truly depends on what you like to hold on too, a bulky book or a small flat screen. Electric books also save paper. A downside to them is that they do need to charge but they have a long lasting battery life.


guffaw- a crude laugh

aplomb- confusion

word count: 318

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