Butterflies and moths are both part of the insect family. They do get confused sometimes. The difference between the butterfly and moth is that butterflies are not active at night, while moths are active during the day and night. Their wings are also different. Moth wings go downward and butterflies face upward.

Butterflies have six legs and two antennas. Their antennas are coated with tiny hairs which aware them of their surroundings such as vibrations and wind currents. Butterflies suck pollen from flowers through their mouths. This pollinates the flowers. As times the pollen sticks to them and crosses over to other flowers. The beautiful colors and patterns on the butterflies’ wings are on part of their traits for a couple of reasons. First of all the ideal for the wings is to attract mates. The other reason for the wings is so they can ward off predators. Their colors may keep their enemies away by sending a sense of warning to keep away.


curmudgeon- to be bad tempered

probocsis- a mouthpart of the butterfly which sucks the pollen

word count: 180

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