Hydrogenation… the gradual killer


Hydrogenated oils are something we have created that don’t exist in nature. Hydrogenated oils are in basically in all commercial foods in America. Hydrogenated oils mean Trans Fat. Trans fat is something that our bodies can’t break down. Hydrogenated oil (typically soybean oil which is in almost all foods!) is used in many of the foods we buy because it’s cheap to produce. The side effects are deadly though.

 Now, fat is an important part of the human diet. It essential for us we it helps us absorb nutrients that our bodies need to function. That is true when we consume the in a safe manner. Companies’ mainly don’t like to make the poisonous ingredients obvious.  Business and money is always looked at before people, even if it means to risk peoples’ lives.

Why do you think so many Americans are overweight, diabetic, have heart diseases and so many other health problems? It has to be linked by the food we eat so studies on fat prove that this is the problem. It should be illegal to be used in our food, but nope looks like yet again profits are more important than people.

Look at the labels of food cautiously before you buy it. Trans fat is hardly labeled and because manufacturers don’t have to label them. All the ingredients that are listed in foods may look foreign to you. They try to make them foreign so you won’t put it back on the shelf. Be aware of mono- and di-glycerides  and fully/partially hydrogenated oils. When it comes to cooking, oil is usually turned into partially hydrogenated oil. Try to make homemade foods and use real butter or coconut oil.

Coconut oil is very good for you and is stored differently in your body compared to most fat. It is actually able to be digested in your body and is a great energizer.

Don’t let something that is so silent kill you. You can makes the choices you want when it comes to eating, so choose smart and don’t let those big old companies and corporations get you.

word count: 337


deleterious- hurtful to your health

pastiche- type or art or poetry

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