Tsunami and earthquake in Japan

Since the earthquake and tsunami struck in Japan last week, it has led to an entire catastrophe. The disaster has been reported as one of the largest earthquake and tsunami disasters ever.

On the scale it has been rated a high 8.9. Many deaths have been reported but the toll is expected to rise. Not every death can even be counted because there is no way to find all of the bodies. Japan is heading towards many problems. The disaster also led to a nuclear crisis. It has been a terriable loss for everyone.

Along the northeastern coast, four of the Fukushima Dai-ichi have a caused radiation. Radiation was suspected for many of the deaths.  According to Eric Talmadgeand Shino Yuasa, “Japanese officials were told “the International Atomic Energy Agency that the reactor fire was in a fuel storage pond — an area where used nuclear fuel is kept cool — and that “radioactivity is being released directly into the atmosphere.” So if the water is cooled and not boiling it can prevent nuclear reactions. The radiation and chemicals in the air is not in the clear, and may lead to further problems.


caveat- a caution or warning

elide- to ingnore

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