Studies show going vegetarian decreases risk of cancer

There are many reasons to be a vegetarian, for the animals, enviroment and your own health. Many studies found that being a vegetarian decreases the risk of cancer; by following a healthy vegetarian diet.

What you eat really truley affects your bodies risk of developing cancer. Think about the saying, “you are what you eat.” A cancer researcher from the U.K. states that eating a lot of red meat increases stomach cancer along with other processed meats.

There has been studies between vegetarians and non vegetarians that shown vegetarians have about 14 percent less chance of getting cancer. Pescatarians also have a lower chance, but vegetarianism is slightly higher percent.

Doctors orders to patients with myeloma should be orders to everyone who want to live a healthy life. Eating  plenty variaties of fruits, vegtables, and fiber can lower risk of cancer. Overall being a vegetarian has many great outcomes.


Myeloma- A bone marrow tumour, or abnormal cells in bone marrow.

Vociferous- to cry loudly

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