No for Monsanto… Already another Start

GMO’s are bad for many reasons. It’s Genetic engineering by far can harm humans and nature. When it comes to food on your plate, you may want to consider where its from and how its made beyond the label. Labels are not telling us the whole truth on everthing we consume.

Unfortunalty, three new biotech crops currently have been approved by the Obama administration over the past month. The three GMO crops include Monsanto’s Roundup Ready alfalfa, GMO sugar beets, and let the U.S. Department of Agriculture use GMO industrial corn for ethenal. This Harshly affects organic farmers and consumers who choose to buy organic foods.

Monsanto basically own America’s food supply. Monsanto puts money before people and has been violating the rights of farmers who want to grow thier own organic crops. People who dont approve  GMO’s don’t get to have a say if Monsanto keeps taking over.


lucubration: to study in a candle lit area.

doppleganger: a ghostly double of a person.


Please Read This Link And Sign!

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