Reasons for Recycling Glass

Recycling glass makes a good impact on our enviroment. Glass is a great ideal for decorating and tupperware becuase of the low chemical interaction. Since it takes many life times to break down glass in the landfill, it makes much more sense to recycle it.

Think before you throw it away, dont throw away glass because you feel too lazy put it in the recycle bin.  Recycling glass also only takes a couple easy step. All it takes is putting it into your recycling bin and put it on the edge of your drive way.  Most recycling prgrams accept glass but if not just take them to a collection center. When it is recycled it can be put up on a shelf again in about a month. Glass is made out of the natural resources limestone and sand.  To save energy from creating glass and using these resources unsparingly, just recycle.

Vocabulary: catoninetails- used as a punishment in the navy which consists of nine cords knotted together.

francium- to be radioactive

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