New found fossil…

I came across an article about a fossil on Science News. It is a rare type of type called, a splay footed cricket (or known as Schizodactylus.) The splay foot cricket is was named after its paddle like feet which help them not sink into sandy habitat.

The splay foot cricket was found in northeastern Brazil. Researchers have found it in a limestone. They discoverd that it was about 100 million years old. The researchers also know that these cricket are related to a type that is currently in south Asia.  When the fossil is compared to the ones that are in south Asia, you can see the species has changed over time. This is what makes it most rare.

It is determined by other studies that during the Early Cretaceous Period, the enviroment has changed. The enviroment or the species changing both can be possible. 


dolorous: To express pain or sorrow.

lackadaisical: Being very determined.

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