Why did the Elephant Cross the Road?

Over the past few years, people in Kenya have been starting a project. The project was building a tunnel for elephants to go through the hills of Mount Kenya. People would have to look out for elephants crossing their road. The road was keeping humans and elephants unseperated.They have made it because they found that the elephants were becoming a “danger” around others because of their tusks. Unfortunatley, pochers have killed over thirty elephants in the past few months. For this not to happen, people need to stay out of the way. Elephants don’t need to become extinct. Building this passway keeps the elephants going in the right direction, to get to their land without being in the danger of humans. Putting money into this project was worth it becuase it worked. The elephants are attracted to enter by the hay, and bright stalks and wheat. Susie weeks said “The first time we had a report about an elephant going under the underpass it was very exciting. We didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.” The passway for the elephants turned out to be a success.


pestilence: A rapidly spread disease.

wane: To become smaller

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