So we all have probabley heard of lucid dreaming before. If you are not sure what lucid dreaming is, it’s when you are aware if your dreaming. In other words, During lucid dreaming, your brain is consciousley aware, while your sleeping.

It sounds cool to make decisions in your dreams. I don’t know if i can recall having this happen to me though it most likely has at least a few times in my life. From the article I read, I got out that you have to train your self to lucid dream.

I never even heard of an “advanced lucid dreamer” until i read this. I’m not going to agree with everything that Freud says, but the part where our dreams irrupt from are conscious mind has to obviously some what true. Tips that I read were to pay attention to your subconscious mind, (That is where dreams are from in the first place.) and think the kind of thoughts that you want to be in your dream. People usually do have dreams of what they are thinking about, but I’m not sure if they get a choice when they are sleeping.


higgle- To feel jumbled or confused.

ranshackle- To fall apart.

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