Fairtrade not Free for Coffee (or anything)

Coffee is consumed massively in America. It’s estimated that Americans all together drink about fifty million pounds each year. Next to oil, coffee is the largest product commodity.(Ezra Feiser and Quetzal Tenango) There are offers of fair trade here in the world and forunately it is increasing. Shouldn’t everything be fair trade? Fair trade means that whoever made a products is paid under a fair wage under safe conditions. Small farmer families who grow coffee (or along other produce) need to make enough money to support their family. There does need to be more steps beyond fair trade such as more a better economy and higher education opportunites, but first fair trade is going to help support them. Fair trade does make a differnce for the people. It is good that starbucks finally is going to double the purchase of fair trade coffee. The options of work to find in third world countries is limited, but the products we get here in America are mostly from these third world countries and they deserve to be paid fairly. Profits mostly seem to be put before people. Corporations see that if they have to pay more money, they will want to buy less. They see that it’s easier to buy more coffee for a cheaper unfair price to server more people. When its bought for the lower price farmers aren’t paid enough. People need to work together and go more towards fair trade and against free trade.


1. meager: deficient in quanity.

2. lucrative: to be profitable.


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