Animal Cruelty in the Circus…

Animal abuse is used in many different forms all over our world today. The circus which is a source of entertainment for people, takes part in major animal cruelty today. It has been around for many years. Some may think that the cruelty towards animals is a nature of the past. The truth is that it is not. We may not want to face the fact that it still does exist. Animals are very disadvantaged over humans.  It is unfair for people to be so overpowering and think that they can do anything that they want, to a point where they take animals out of their natural habitat and force them to follow commands to entertain people is very wrong. In real life tigers and elephants don’t run through fire hoops and so on. It takes a lot of practice to get these animals to perform the right way, and the abuse them until they get it right. These animals are enslaved. The conditions that they live in are also very unhealthy. Disease is on the widespread for these animals which does slowly kill them. It is not in their nature to be cooped up, that is not where they run free. If you consider going to the circus, think again and also think about rising others awareness about them.

word count: 220


peregrinate- to travel

oppugn- to argue or criticize

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Paper Books versus Electric Books

Books have been around way longer than the electronic books. However, there are pros and cons to both of them. Everyone holds their own personal opinion and morals on which they prefer. The major difference between the two materials is the way we feel when we hold on to them.

There are many pros on holding an actual book. There are also some cons, but the cons are not very big issues. Holding a real paper book in your hand may seem a bit more personal. Paper books give a different experience with the texture and some illustrations perhaps.

If electric books take over, how long are libraries and book stores going to exist? Many people enjoy going to the library and owning actual books from book stores. If e-books took over, we will not be able to buy them or go to the library anymore. The existence of libraries is important because they carry so much information and have such a peaceful atmosphere.  Getting a book from the library is free but buying one is a little more expensive. If owning the book is important to you that shouldn’t matter. A downside to a book is that you need light but you also do with most electric book devices.  Another con of books is that they don’t need to be charged.

There are also pros and cons on electric books. The electric books are small and easy to travel with.  It is also cheaper to buy a book on the electric book. If you are a person who loves gadgets, an electric book might be for you.  It truly depends on what you like to hold on too, a bulky book or a small flat screen. Electric books also save paper. A downside to them is that they do need to charge but they have a long lasting battery life.


guffaw- a crude laugh

aplomb- confusion

word count: 318

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Yoga is all about “controlling the mind.” Yoga has originated from India over five thousand years ago.  Today yoga is very common all over the world. It’s a good type of relaxation in many ways. Some of the ways it helps you relax is through stretching, breathing, and freeing your mind, body, and spirit. There are also many different yoga styles which include Ashtanga, Viniyoga, and Bikram Yoga.

Ashtanga yoga was created by K. Pattabhi. It is a rather intense type of yoga that is not suggested for beginners.  It is not the typical relaxation type of yoga. Ashantga yoga focuses more on strength and building. It is generally more of a  “Power” yoga.

Viniyoga yoga focuses on deep breathing. The purpose of this type yoga is to help an individual through stress, just as any other type of yoga. Meditation, pranayama, and concentration.

Bikram yoga is probably the most intense yoga of all. It involves doing yoga in extreme hot temperatures. The high temperature will prepare you to sweat and sweat. Founder Bikram designed it for the muscles to relax.


pranayama- breath control

gadabout- person who moves around a lot

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Butterflies and moths are both part of the insect family. They do get confused sometimes. The difference between the butterfly and moth is that butterflies are not active at night, while moths are active during the day and night. Their wings are also different. Moth wings go downward and butterflies face upward.

Butterflies have six legs and two antennas. Their antennas are coated with tiny hairs which aware them of their surroundings such as vibrations and wind currents. Butterflies suck pollen from flowers through their mouths. This pollinates the flowers. As times the pollen sticks to them and crosses over to other flowers. The beautiful colors and patterns on the butterflies’ wings are on part of their traits for a couple of reasons. First of all the ideal for the wings is to attract mates. The other reason for the wings is so they can ward off predators. Their colors may keep their enemies away by sending a sense of warning to keep away.


curmudgeon- to be bad tempered

probocsis- a mouthpart of the butterfly which sucks the pollen

word count: 180

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Hydrogenation… the gradual killer


Hydrogenated oils are something we have created that don’t exist in nature. Hydrogenated oils are in basically in all commercial foods in America. Hydrogenated oils mean Trans Fat. Trans fat is something that our bodies can’t break down. Hydrogenated oil (typically soybean oil which is in almost all foods!) is used in many of the foods we buy because it’s cheap to produce. The side effects are deadly though.

 Now, fat is an important part of the human diet. It essential for us we it helps us absorb nutrients that our bodies need to function. That is true when we consume the in a safe manner. Companies’ mainly don’t like to make the poisonous ingredients obvious.  Business and money is always looked at before people, even if it means to risk peoples’ lives.

Why do you think so many Americans are overweight, diabetic, have heart diseases and so many other health problems? It has to be linked by the food we eat so studies on fat prove that this is the problem. It should be illegal to be used in our food, but nope looks like yet again profits are more important than people.

Look at the labels of food cautiously before you buy it. Trans fat is hardly labeled and because manufacturers don’t have to label them. All the ingredients that are listed in foods may look foreign to you. They try to make them foreign so you won’t put it back on the shelf. Be aware of mono- and di-glycerides  and fully/partially hydrogenated oils. When it comes to cooking, oil is usually turned into partially hydrogenated oil. Try to make homemade foods and use real butter or coconut oil.

Coconut oil is very good for you and is stored differently in your body compared to most fat. It is actually able to be digested in your body and is a great energizer.

Don’t let something that is so silent kill you. You can makes the choices you want when it comes to eating, so choose smart and don’t let those big old companies and corporations get you.

word count: 337


deleterious- hurtful to your health

pastiche- type or art or poetry

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Tsunami and earthquake in Japan

Since the earthquake and tsunami struck in Japan last week, it has led to an entire catastrophe. The disaster has been reported as one of the largest earthquake and tsunami disasters ever.

On the scale it has been rated a high 8.9. Many deaths have been reported but the toll is expected to rise. Not every death can even be counted because there is no way to find all of the bodies. Japan is heading towards many problems. The disaster also led to a nuclear crisis. It has been a terriable loss for everyone.

Along the northeastern coast, four of the Fukushima Dai-ichi have a caused radiation. Radiation was suspected for many of the deaths.  According to Eric Talmadgeand Shino Yuasa, “Japanese officials were told “the International Atomic Energy Agency that the reactor fire was in a fuel storage pond — an area where used nuclear fuel is kept cool — and that “radioactivity is being released directly into the atmosphere.” So if the water is cooled and not boiling it can prevent nuclear reactions. The radiation and chemicals in the air is not in the clear, and may lead to further problems.


caveat- a caution or warning

elide- to ingnore

word count: 203

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Studies show going vegetarian decreases risk of cancer

There are many reasons to be a vegetarian, for the animals, enviroment and your own health. Many studies found that being a vegetarian decreases the risk of cancer; by following a healthy vegetarian diet.

What you eat really truley affects your bodies risk of developing cancer. Think about the saying, “you are what you eat.” A cancer researcher from the U.K. states that eating a lot of red meat increases stomach cancer along with other processed meats.

There has been studies between vegetarians and non vegetarians that shown vegetarians have about 14 percent less chance of getting cancer. Pescatarians also have a lower chance, but vegetarianism is slightly higher percent.

Doctors orders to patients with myeloma should be orders to everyone who want to live a healthy life. Eating  plenty variaties of fruits, vegtables, and fiber can lower risk of cancer. Overall being a vegetarian has many great outcomes.


Myeloma- A bone marrow tumour, or abnormal cells in bone marrow.

Vociferous- to cry loudly

word count: 164

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No for Monsanto… Already another Start

GMO’s are bad for many reasons. It’s Genetic engineering by far can harm humans and nature. When it comes to food on your plate, you may want to consider where its from and how its made beyond the label. Labels are not telling us the whole truth on everthing we consume.

Unfortunalty, three new biotech crops currently have been approved by the Obama administration over the past month. The three GMO crops include Monsanto’s Roundup Ready alfalfa, GMO sugar beets, and let the U.S. Department of Agriculture use GMO industrial corn for ethenal. This Harshly affects organic farmers and consumers who choose to buy organic foods.

Monsanto basically own America’s food supply. Monsanto puts money before people and has been violating the rights of farmers who want to grow thier own organic crops. People who dont approve  GMO’s don’t get to have a say if Monsanto keeps taking over.


lucubration: to study in a candle lit area.

doppleganger: a ghostly double of a person.


Please Read This Link And Sign!

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Reasons for Recycling Glass

Recycling glass makes a good impact on our enviroment. Glass is a great ideal for decorating and tupperware becuase of the low chemical interaction. Since it takes many life times to break down glass in the landfill, it makes much more sense to recycle it.

Think before you throw it away, dont throw away glass because you feel too lazy put it in the recycle bin.  Recycling glass also only takes a couple easy step. All it takes is putting it into your recycling bin and put it on the edge of your drive way.  Most recycling prgrams accept glass but if not just take them to a collection center. When it is recycled it can be put up on a shelf again in about a month. Glass is made out of the natural resources limestone and sand.  To save energy from creating glass and using these resources unsparingly, just recycle.

Vocabulary: catoninetails- used as a punishment in the navy which consists of nine cords knotted together.

francium- to be radioactive

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New found fossil…

I came across an article about a fossil on Science News. It is a rare type of type called, a splay footed cricket (or known as Schizodactylus.) The splay foot cricket is was named after its paddle like feet which help them not sink into sandy habitat.

The splay foot cricket was found in northeastern Brazil. Researchers have found it in a limestone. They discoverd that it was about 100 million years old. The researchers also know that these cricket are related to a type that is currently in south Asia.  When the fossil is compared to the ones that are in south Asia, you can see the species has changed over time. This is what makes it most rare.

It is determined by other studies that during the Early Cretaceous Period, the enviroment has changed. The enviroment or the species changing both can be possible. 


dolorous: To express pain or sorrow.

lackadaisical: Being very determined.

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